Media Artefact Analysis

Throughout my MSc research module this year, I’ve been going through the process of producing a number of media artefacts to investigate the ability of short video/audio files to spread across a number of different networks.

The following article will assess the performance of the three artefacts posted individually, allowing for comparisons were necessary. The analysis will focus on statistics and analytics across a variety of different platforms, including YouTube, WordPress and SoundCloud.

Media Artefact 1:

The first artefact can be found here, and was a video that I recorded of myself triggering sounds in Ableton Live using a Maschine Mk2 drum pad. I posted the video across Facebook and Twitter in addition to my blog, though in this instance I did not use hash tags to promote the video further. The graph below suggests that the majority of the videos views were received from external sources, such as Facebook, which limit its reach.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 21.32.06.png

As shown via the YouTube analytics below, the majority of views came in the early stages of the videos upload, and dramatically decreased within 4 days. The video received an average view percentage of 44%, the equivalent 0:27s of view time per visitor. This is an indication that people were getting less than halfway through the clip before moving on.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 21.33.44.png

Media Artefact 2:

The second artefact can be found here, and for this video I aimed to experiment with the use of social networks to increase the amount of views that the video received.

I decided that I would produce a remix of the most recent John Lewis advert, replacing the original music with a song by Jon Hopkins entitled ‘Nightfall/Love Theme’. The video was edited in Final Cut Pro, and I felt the chosen music added a greater emotional edge to the advert, which I hoped viewers would engage with.

In comparison to the previous video, the second artefact was received relatively well, generating 315 views and an average view duration of 0:40s, which is the equivalent of 54% of the video. Although this is a minor improvement, this shows that viewers were staying for the duration of the video.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 21.20.53.png

Additionally, the majority of the traffic was coming from suggested videos and YouTube searches on the website itself, which shows that its reach stretched beyond the confines of my Twitter and Facebook followers.

Media Artefact 3

My third artefact consisted of an audio remix of a recent Flume release entitled ‘Never Be Like You’. I used the piece to display my production methods and promote the style of music that I am currently producing in my own time. Initially, I posted the track onto SoundCloud, as I already had an existing following from previous work I have uploaded online. The track received the lowest amount of views in comparison to the previous two artefacts, although the hash tags that were used in conjunction with the post seemed to enhance its reach across a number of different countries. Additionally, I also received 5 likes and 1 comment on the post, which indicates that SoundCloud allowed for me to connect with an audience to a greater extent.

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 20.14.11.png

To conclude, I feel there is a definite use for the tools that Twitter, SoundCloud and other platforms provide. I’m hoping this experience will allow me to boost my audience figures in the future.




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