3rd Media Artefact – Video Accompaniment

For the final media artefact that I am required to produce for a research module, I produced a remix of a recently released song by Flume, entitled ‘Never be Like you’. I made a post earlier in the week providing a snippet of the song, which can be found here, but I have developed an additional video (available at the bottom of this article) to give an insight into my production techniques.

When initially starting the remix process, I chopped out segments of the vocal, which would be sampled in the final piece of music:


This allowed me to produce drum patterns around the sampled vocal, and develop the rhythmic elements as the song progressed. In order to create the drum parts I used Ableton Live’s Drum Rack to piece together a drum kit, which then allowed me to experiment with different pattern formations and send effects.


With a basic drum pattern in place, I was then able to add a sub bass element using a simple sine wave generated in Native Instruments’ Massive synthesizer. Side chain compression was used on the sub bass to allow the track to sit nicely in the mix alongside the kick drum, whilst the Sausage Fattener plugin added weight to the sound and gave it greater presence.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 22.25.03.png

An additional synth line was used to mimic the sub bass element, whilst an acid bass synth was used to add variation and allow the song to introduce new elements when permitted. Cut off filters where used effectively for this sound, again using Massive.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 22.34.29.png

Video footage can be seen below showing a live recording of the song.


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