Flume – Never Be Like You (Bootleg Remix)

As you may already know, over the course of the year I have been producing a number of different media artefacts, which last for a short duration, to share across the internet with the relevant target audience. The first two pieces I produced were video based, although admittedly I have slowly began to run out of ideas as to what I could produce in that regard. As a result, I turned to audio, which I am more familiar with, and produced a remix of one of my favourite songs of the moment – Never Be Like You by Flume.

The song is not fully developed, and was intended to elicit an enthusiastic response from my audience, which would ultimately encourage me to develop the piece further. Whether this will be the case remains to be seen!

The reason behind choosing a project that was audio based for my final artefact is purely because my personal audience would be more inclined to listen to a musical product as oppose to film/video. I have significantly more followers on SoundCloud than I do on YouTube, and many followers of my account have recently been asking me to upload my own material. In effect, I feel this in itself is more likely to make my work increasingly spreadable, and makes my published content more relevant to my chosen field.

The remix is largely techno/acid, and I have used the acapella from the Flume song to add atmosphere where necessary and give me a basis to develop the song. The snippet can be listened to on SoundCloud below – I hope you like it!


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