Sintel Short Film – ADR Session

As part of my MSc course, myself, Sam and Isaac have been challenged to recreate the sound design for a short film of our choosing. This includes every aspect of the onscreen audio canvas, from ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement), to foley sound effects, and musical soundtrack accompaniment.

After many gruelling hours of YouTube searches, the film we finally decided upon was ‘Sintel’, which can be viewed in its entirety below this passage.

Over the past few weeks we have been developing a number of spotting sheets to enable us to pinpoint the position of specific sounds in accordance to timecode. The spotting sheets were also devised in relation to sound characteristics, devoting separate spreadsheets to Footsteps, ADR, atmospherics, and sound effects. This allows us to easily figure out which sounds we need to recreate during any given moment throughout the film.

Yesterday evening we chose to begin the process by capturing the dialogue of the main female character throughout the film – Sintel. We used Pro Tools to cut to the points at which ADR was required, which was made easier by the complexity of the spotting sheets and the prior editing of the original audio, which removed the material that wasn’t required for this process. In a three hour session we managed to record the entirety of Sintel’s vocal parts, thanks to the actress that agreed to voice the character.

As a group we are extremely pleased with the progress that is being made, and I personally look forward to sharing the finished piece with you all. Follow my blog to keep up to date!


moviemaniacsDE (2010) Sintel OFFICIAL | FULL MOVIE (2010) blender open movie project. Available at: (Accessed: 12 November 2016).


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