John Lewis 2016 Christmas Advert Remix

Throughout one of my MSc modules this year I have been challenged to produce a series of short videos as a means of becoming more engaged with social media. My first attempt was a mobile video that provided a brief insight into my electronic music production approach when using Ableton Live. The finished video can be seen here:

My second clip is a simple remix of the new John Lewis Christmas advert, which was released in the early hours of this morning (10th November). I have replaced the original audio with a song named ‘Nightfall/Love Theme’, written by one of my favourite producers, Jon Hopkins. I feel the song is a great fit as a narrative tool for the adverts storyline, and serves as a good alternative to the original audio.

The original video can be seen here:

Jon Hopkins – Nightfall/Love Theme can be heard here:

The remix can be viewed below…



Featured image available at: (Accessed: 10 November 2016).

John Lewis (2016) John Lewis Christmas advert 2016 – #BusterTheBoxer. Available at: (Accessed: 10 November 2016).

Jon Hopkins – Nightfall/Love Theme available at: (Accessed: 10 November 2016).
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