Using Maschine MkII to Record in Ableton Live 9

The short clip seen below was shot on the Samsung S6, showing me using the Maschine MkII hardware to record live audio into Ableton.

Prior to filming this clip, I began producing a track that I could use to trigger in Ableton whilst filming. I produced the track entirely in Ableton using the session view, and recorded the outcome into the arrangement view (as shown in the video). Once the track was complete, I began to consider the different clips that I wanted to show within my finished film.

I then filmed myself triggering the separate scenes in Ableton Live 9 using my Samsung S6 smartphone, whilst also recording my Macbook Pro screen for a full view of my Ableton Live project. Once I had recorded my footage, I imported my video files into Final Cut Pro X, along with the audio material that was recorded in this video. I layered two separate videos on top of each other, making the first person view of myself using the hardware smaller in the bottom right corner.

Minor adjustments were made to the picture, although the raw footage was somewhat fitting for the purpose that this video serves. I will be uploading some of my productions soon, so keep posted if you like what you hear!



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